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Sign Out Pearls: A 5 to 10 minute presentation prepared for evening sign outs Mondays through Thursdays. Posts are evidence-based and curated by IM Residents. They do not reflect the views of our hospital and should not replace medical advice.

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How do you define FUO?

You are evaluating a 55-year-old male with significant past medical history of non-insulin diabetes, recently treated Lyme disease, and immigrant from India 25 years prior who is presenting with a 2-week duration of persistent fevers, chills, malaise and myalgias. After a week inpatient with an overall negative microbiology and rheumatologic work-up, his fevers are persistent … Continue reading How do you define FUO?

When do you perform a hypercoagulable workup?

A 23-year-old female w/ no significant PMHx presents with SOB and RLE pain. She describes it as sudden onset and pleuritic. She does not take any medications including hormonal birth control. She denies any recent surgical history. She is unaware of any family history of clotting or bleeding disorders. Aside from sinus tachycardia, her vitals … Continue reading When do you perform a hypercoagulable workup?


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